Direct-drive High-speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine With Auto-trimmer



Direct drive servo motor can save more than 70% of power than ordinary machine. The super large operation space adopts excellent cloth feeding strueture, table shape low tensionThe jump at high speed greatly improves the production efficiency. Beautiful and generous, easy to operate. Low noise no radiation environmental protection. Adapt to the clothing industry thin medium Heavy materical sewing.


    Product parameters

    Flat type Sewing speed(S.p.m) Needle Needle Gauge(mm) Presser foot lift(mm) Stitch width(mm) Light Materials Medium Materials Heavy Materials Horizontal Hook
    Weight NW/GW (Kg) Packing size(mm)
    LT-8900D 4500 DBX1 0-5 5.5-13 * * * 34.5/40.5 630x250x550
    LT-9888D 4500 DBX1 0-5 5.5-13 * 33/38 625x250x550