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Quality assurance period

The instrument is guaranteed for one year, and the accessories are guaranteed for six months, with a replacement within one month and lifelong maintenance. Within one month, if there is a non-human factor quality issue with the instrument, it is unconditionally necessary to replace it with a new one; Within one year, the company will solve all non human factor instrument quality issues free of charge and waive any maintenance service fees.

24-hour after-sales response

After receiving feedback from users regarding quality issues, information, and technical service requirements, respond within 24 hours and complete the process within ten working days.

After sales training

According to user needs, free training will be provided, including infrared principles, instrument working principles, and maintenance. The training location will be determined by the buyer. If there are changes in user operators in the future, free training can also be provided for new technical personnel.

After sales methods

Free detection of product malfunctions


Any issues or malfunctions within the warranty period are exempt from all repair and material costs


Free upgrade and verification handling of product software failures


Outside the warranty period, only the cost of spare parts will be charged for repairs. The after-sales service will communicate with the customer and provide a repair and testing quotation report