Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine



The sewing pattern can be entered directly via the USB part. Suitable for all kinds of thick materials, leather and other fabrics, can be used in flexible flowers Sewing, small parts sewing, various small patterns and reinforcement joints such as Sewing of  trademarks, nameplates, labels.


    Product parameters

    Flat type Fiat Seam Double Rotary Shuttle Sewing Area Gauge Cutting Device Sweeping Device Highest Sewing Speed Air  Perssure
    LT-6040 * * 600x400mm 0.05-12.7mm * * 2700 1.8L/min
    LT-3020 * * 300x200mm 0.05-12.7mm * * 2700 1.8L/min
    LT-2210 * * 220x100mm 0.05-12.7mm * * 2700 1.8L/min
    LT-1310 * * 130x100mm 0.05-12.7mm * * 2700 1.8L/min