Direct Drive Cylinder-bed Binding Zigzag Sewing Machine Series



It is suitable for sewing and bineling on shoes, bags, crafts, hats and other products. Often used on sport shoes casual shoes sandals and other shoes’top line.

1.With 750W integrated direct drive motor, stable, energy- saving and environmental.
2. Switch for add stitches, LED light, improve work efficiency.
3.Double size large hook which  reduce the times to change,save time and greatly improved the sewing efficiency.
4. Small mouth structure design, used on all kinds of sewing process and easy to deal with material of difficult to transmit.
5.double presser foot with top and bottom feed ,which make the stitching smoothly, nice,and suitable for heavy duty  products.
6.Automatic lubrication system which can assure the parts not  easy to wear and  lengthen service life of the machine.
7.Optional functions of automatic presser foot lifter, auto reverse seaming.


    Product parameters

    Flat type Sewing speed(S.p.m) Needle Stitch Length(mm) Presser foot lift(mm) Stitch width(mm) Light Materials Medium Materials Heavy Materials Horizontal Hook(Large) Weight NW/GW (Kg) Packing size(mm)
    LT-2512 2000 DP×17 5 8/15 9 * large hook 40/47 655×470×260
    LT-2512D 2000 DP×17 5 8/15 9 * large hook 38/45 655×470×260