Direct Drive Double Motor Heavy Duty Embroidery Zigzag Sewing Machine Series



Built-in High speed double step motor, step motor controlled feeding and stitching width system, with function of automatic reverse seaming, Ability to sew more sophisticated and diverse patterns. Suitable for clothing jeans, home textiles, shoes and hats etc. zigzag seaming, binding, decorative sewing.

1.With functions of automatic thread trimmer, auto presser foot lifter, electronic thread tension,electronic thread loose.
2.750W energy-saving servo motor directly connect to the main shaft, start fast and stop accurately, reducing the responsive time.
3. Switch for add stitches, LED light, improve work efficiency.
4. Electronic thread loose, to prevent the upper thread does not rebound after thread trimming, to achieve the perfect stitch.
5.External display panel, which display the pattern directly, and edit and modify the pattern on it, convenient and efficient.
6.With high speed step motor, more stable, more beautiful stitching.
7. Adopt double times large hook, and reduce the number of change the bottom thread, improve work efficiency.


    Product parameters

    Flat type Sewing speed(S.p.m) Needle Stitch Length(mm) Presser foot lift(mm) Stitch width(mm) Light Materials Medium Materials Heavy Materials Horizontal Hook(Large) Weight NW/GW (Kg) Packing size(mm)
    LT-1580-BY-D5 2200 DP×5 4 6/12 9 * * large hook 39/46.5 670×330×510
    LT-1580D-BY 2200 DP×5 4 6/12 9 * * large hook 35/42.5 670×260×510