Bending Arm Zigzag Sewing Machine



It is suitable for the processing and seaming of special craft products such as cup sets, diving suits and handicrafts.

① Double presser feet synchronizes top-feed and bottom-feed motion,which assure sewing smoothly and nice . Greatly
improve the sewing stitches.
② New mechanism of swaying needle assures stable stitch width.
③ Automatic lubrication assure the parts not easy to wear and tear which last the use time and reduce the repair cost.
④ A special backstitch handle device can be operated by the left elbow which solve the matter when there
are no third hand to handle.
⑤ Double size large bobbin which reduce the times to change, save time and greatly improved the sewing efficiency.
⑥ The full-opening head’s cover is more convenient for repair.


    Product parameters

    Flat type Sewing speed(S.p.m) Needle Stitch Length(mm) Presser foot lift(mm) Stitch width(mm) Light Materials Medium Materials Heavy Materials Horizontal Hook(Large) Weight NW/GW (Kg) Packing size(mm)
    LT-1526 1800 DP×5 4 6/12 9 * * 35/40 710×500×400
    LT-2526 1800 DPX17 5 8/15 9 * * large hook 35/40 710×500×400
    LT-1126 1800 DP×5 4 6/12 9 * * 35/40 710×500×400
    LT-2126 1800 DPX17 5 8/15 9 * * 35/40 710×500×400