Directive Drive Top And Buttom Feed Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine



1. The head is designed with rear cover plate heightening and enveloping shaft, which not only effectively prevents oil leakage, but also makes operation safer.

2. The machine adopts the innovative direct drive mode, energy-saving servomotor is directly connected with the sewing spindle, which can make the sewing fast, stop the machine accurately and reduce the reaction time.

3. 750W energy-saving servo motor, with more powerful power of wire cutting. Circular cutter cutting line, high performance tangent mechanism to ensure accurate tangent effect, cut flat.

4. It has multiple intelligent sewing modes, such as automatic thread cutting, automatic needle setting, automatic needle counting and reverse sewing.


    Product parameters

    Flat type Sewing speed(S.p.m) Needle Needle Gauge(mm) Presser foot lift(mm) Stitch width(mm) Light Materials Medium Materials Heavy Materials Horizontal Hook
    Weight NW/GW (Kg) Packing size(mm)
    LT-0318 2500 DPX17 8 7/13 * * * large hook 29.5/34.5 670x270x490
    LT-0302 2500 DPX17 8 7/13 * * * large hook 29.5/34.5 670x270x490
    LT-0303 2500 DPX17 8 7/13 * * * large hook 28.5/34 670x270x490
    LT-0303D 2500 DPX17 8 7/13 * * * large hook 28.5/43.5 670x515x300
    LT-0303-D3 2500 DPX17 8 7/13 * * * large hook 40.5/45.5 670x515x300