CISMA2021 has come to a successful conclusion! Longtai’s future is promising

类别: Exhibition Information

After four days, the CISMA2021 China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition has successfully concluded!
Longtai’s nearly thirty representative new zigzag sewing machine products with thin, medium, and thick materials have received high attention. Association leaders, industry colleagues, distributors, and exhibition users from all over the country have expressed great affirmation of Longtai’s professionalism and product comprehensiveness in the field of zigzag sewing. Longtai has gained a lot.
Here, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the leaders of the association for their concern and recognition of Longtai, as well as to our industry partners and distributors for their support and kindness towards Longtai. In recent years, we have witnessed the rapid development of Longtai, and we have become more determined to focus on the development direction of the zigzag sewing machine industry. We strive to create more intelligent, stable, and valuable zigzag sewing products for the industry and society, and accelerate the strategic goal of becoming the first brand in the field of zigzag sewing.

Yang Xiaojing, Chairman of China Sewing Machinery Association, Wu Jilin, Vice Chairman, and Liu Min, Vice Chairman, visited for guidance

Chen Ji, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Sewing Machinery Association, visited for guidance

Tian Minyu, Chairman of the Principles Committee of the China Sewing Machinery Association, and Wang Chengkang, former Vice Chairman
Wu Jianmin, Secretary General of Shanghai Sewing Machine Association, Visited for Guidance

Awesome’s Longtai team

Twisted sewing machine product matrix

Longtai 1580Y series won the title of CISMA2021 Smart Sewing Demonstration Product

Long Tai brand advertising space on both sides of the main entrance of the exhibition hall

CISMA2021 has come to a successful end! Let’s meet at 2023 ISMA!

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