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After several twists and turns, CISMA finally successfully held in Ningbo. As the most renowned international professional exhibition in the global sewing machinery industry, with the theme of “smart manufacturing, intelligence, and smart convergence”, it brings a long-awaited sewing machinery feast to everyone. Zhejiang Longtai Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd., as a highly representative specialized company in the field of zigzag sewing, was invited to participate in the exhibition.

At this exhibition, Longtai Company made a grand debut with nearly 30 unique zigzag sewing machines for thin, medium, and thick materials
Welcome everyone to booth C19 in Hall 5
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在龙泰展位不仅有非常出色的曲折缝产品More super awesome

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Longtai Company has been focusing on the research and manufacturing of zigzag sewing machines for nearly 20 years since its establishment. The production and sales of zigzag sewing machine products have been in a leading position in the industry for many consecutive years. We independently develop and innovate multiple groundbreaking zigzag sewing products, and have multiple invention patents and dozens of utility model patents.

Longtai Company’s main products include: 20U multifunctional zigzag sewing series, 20U457 multi-point zigzag sewing series, 20U73 pattern zigzag sewing series, 20U93 oil supply zigzag sewing series, 1530 large shuttle thick material zigzag sewing series, 1533/1534 multi-point thick material zigzag sewing series, 2530 synchronous thick material zigzag sewing series, 2533/2534 multi-point synchronous zigzag sewing series, 2512 cross arm zigzag sewing series, 1580 thick material pattern zigzag sewing series, 2284 high-speed zigzag sewing series, 2284 computer zigzag sewing series, 2297 computer high-speed zigzag sewing series, 1530-D5/2530-D 5/1580-D5 new thick material automatic thread cutting and bending seam series, covering thin, medium, and thick materials, low, medium, and high speed, nearly a hundred types of bending seam products.

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