Longtai Sewing Machine -2018 China (Taizhou) International Sewing Equipment Exhibition Comes to a Perfect End

类别: Exhibition Information

On November 3, 2018, the 3-day China (Taizhou) International Sewing Equipment Exhibition successfully concluded at the Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center.


Zhejiang Longtai Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd., as a professional manufacturer of zigzag sewing/pattern machines participating in this exhibition, attracted a large number of domestic and foreign customers to stop and visit upon its debut.

350 companies participated in this exhibition, showcasing products including sewing machinery and equipment, motor and electronic control components, sewing machine components, computer embroidery machines, sewing equipment, plate making and plate making systems, shoe machines, etc.

Although it was its first appearance at the Taizhou exhibition, Longtai Sewing Machine was particularly eye-catching at the exhibition due to its long-term brand awareness and exquisite product quality. During the exhibition, a large number of domestic and foreign customers visited and conducted detailed tests and discussions on various products of Longtai sewing machines, all of which expressed great satisfaction.

At this exhibition, Longtai Sewing Machine brought seven representative zigzag sewing machines: 20U series, thick material 1530 series, thick material synchronous 2530, synchronous cross arm 2512, thick material computer pattern 1580D, as well as ten latest multifunctional sewing equipment such as computer pattern machines 1310, 2210, and 3020, attracting many friends from home and abroad to visit and receive unanimous recognition and praise.

The thick material computer folding seams with up to 300 flower patterns have attracted the attention of photographers, and the exquisite stitching effect has won their praise. They are reluctant to leave and want to present more and more beautiful effects to the audience in the live broadcast room for appreciation.

(The picture shows the customer’s experimental results on the 3020 pattern machine, expressing great satisfaction with the platform’s stability and sound.)

Congratulations to Longtai for achieving a complete success at the 2018 China (Taizhou) International Sewing Equipment Exhibition! Longtai will continue to work hard and showcase more excellent products to the world.

20U83D: Direct drive automatic refueling pattern bending seam series

1530D: Direct drive automatic refueling large shuttle bending seam

2530: Up and down feeding of thick material with curved seams

2512: Horizontal cylindrical up and down feeding with twists and turns

1310: Computer Pattern Machine Series

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