Longtai’s Exciting Appearance at Guangzhou International Shoe Machinery Industry Exhibition

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The Longtai Sewing Machine Guangzhou International Footwear Machinery and Materials Industry Exhibition concluded perfectly on June 1st. Longtai unveiled more than ten unique zigzag sewing machine products, including the 2284 high-speed computerized zigzag sewing series for thin materials, the 20U83D multifunctional pattern zigzag sewing series, as well as the 1530-D5 automatic thread cutting thick material computerized zigzag sewing, the 2512D cross arm high head wrapped edge zigzag sewing, the 2552 column thick material zigzag sewing, and the 1533D multi-point zigzag sewing, Various thick material zigzag sewing series, such as 2530D synchronous, are showcased at each exhibition. Not only should we provide better zigzag sewing products to our customers, but we should also use a more professional spirit and attitude to create more valuable zigzag sewing products. Longtai people have been working hard!

The exhibition came to a successful conclusion
The grand opening, smooth progress, and perfect conclusion of this exhibition have won the love and recognition of countless domestic and foreign customers!

Thank you to all the distributor friends who have traveled thousands of miles, worked tirelessly, and provided strong support to Longtai. During the exhibition, there were many people and busy matters. If there were any negligence or negligence in taking care of them, please forgive me!
About Longtai Sewing Machine
Zhejiang Longtai Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 and is a professional manufacturer of industrial zigzag sewing machines. It has a complete production process including shell processing, component production, baking paint, and whole machine assembly. It has an independent research and development center and product inspection center. It is a comprehensive modern enterprise that integrates research and development, manufacturing, trade, and service.
For more than 20 years, Longtai Company has focused on the research and manufacturing of zigzag sewing machines, covering a full range of thin, medium, and thick materials, as well as nearly a hundred types of zigzag sewing machine products for low, medium, and high speeds. The company continuously strengthens research and innovation, and has won nearly 30 invention patents and utility model patents in recent years, continuing to strive forward on the path of specialization.
Longtai is committed to becoming the number one brand in the field of zigzag sewing.
Exhibition Special
When it hits the water for three thousand miles, the river rushes and the tide stands. The waves wash away the sand, and a hundred boats compete for the top spot. Leaving the forefront of competition requires the courage to stand at the forefront. Longtai Sewing Machine is very grateful for every opportunity. We gather with everyone at this exhibition to have a heartfelt conversation. At the same time, new business opportunities and cooperation will start from here. The zigzag seam is a steadfast story, let’s witness the new era of zigzag seams together!

Meet new friends
Don’t forget your old friend
This exhibition has come to a successful conclusion
Thank you all for your support and attention to Longtai
The end of the exhibition is just the beginning of our cooperation
Welcome all customers and friends to write, call, inquire and discuss!
Nice to meet you, looking forward to meeting you again!

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