Longtai’s one-stop zigzag sewing machine solution won full praise

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At the CISMA2023 exhibition, Longtai Company provided a one-stop solution for zigzag sewing machines, which successfully attracted the attention of many visitors. The nearly 8 clearly classified zigzag sewing product zones reflect the strong product capabilities and innovative capabilities of Chulong Tai.
Without much ado, follow the editor’s footsteps and review the exciting moments of the exhibition together~

Longtai has set up a “New Stepping Thick Material Folding Seam Zone”, which is the star production of this year’s CISMA by Longtai. It has a lot of black technology and is also a new masterpiece of Longtai.
The “Automatic Thread Cutting Thick Material Bending and Folding Seam Zone” showcases a series of computer bending and folding seam products developed by Longtai in recent years, which have led the trend of automation in bending and folding seams, covering a series of automatic thread cutting bending and folding seams for thick materials such as 1530D51580D5
The “Special Pattern Folding Seam Zone” showcases Longtai’s popular pattern folding seam decoration techniques for home textiles, curtains, clothing, and other markets
The “Thick Material Synchronous Folding Sewing Zone” showcases Longtai’s multi-point sewing and edging sewing techniques for thick material products such as automotive cushions, sports equipment, and military products
The “Special Craft Zone” showcases Longtai’s customized curved seam products developed for a series of special crafts such as leather shoes, cotton rope crafts, and grass rope crafts
The “20U Multi functional Folding Seam Zone” showcases a series of multi-purpose classic folding seam series covering classic styles such as 20U folding seam, pattern folding seam, multi-point folding seam, and a series of thin and medium material styles
The “Special Sewing Zone for Ultra Thick Materials” showcases a series of special zigzag sewing products suitable for ultra thick material zigzag sewing
The “Ultra High Speed Folding Seam Series” demonstrates Longtai’s more comprehensive research and development capabilities, not only having comprehensive product capabilities in 20U multifunctional folding seams and 1530 thick material folding seams, but also improving the high-speed and thin material field, truly achieving the coverage of the entire series of thin, medium, and thick material folding seams.

The display of the 8 specialized areas reflects Longtai’s strong production, sales, and research capabilities in zigzag sewing, as well as Longtai’s decades of accumulated experience in the zigzag sewing market. In today’s fierce market competition, Longtai still maintains its original intention and focuses on exploring the field of zigzag sewing, providing the market with more high-end, high-quality, and comprehensive zigzag sewing products! Let’s look forward to a better future for Longtai!
There are still 2 days left for the CISMA2023 exhibition period. If you haven’t been to Longtai yet, you must go and take a look at this ingenious enterprise in the field of curved and folded sewing!
W3-C56, Longtai booth, stay with you
Longtai, we provide you with a one-stop bending seam solution!

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